Monday, July 7, 2008

Tyson to Travel as Team USA Alternate

Great news for all the fans in the Big Easy. According to Chris Sheridan, New Orleans' own Tyson Chandler will be traveling with Team USA throughout the summer as the first alternate for the twelve man roster.

For him to officially crack the roster someone else would have to get injured, but that puts a small possibility out there that he and CP3 could go global with the Crescent City Connection. Think about that. Extrapolate it. Now we can haunt Dirk's dreams in the summer, too.

The addition of Tyson to the team addresses a slight shortage of front court talent (the team is only bringing 3 "true" big men, opting for Melo to start at the 4). Basically this means that Coach K and Company are going to playing small ball... unless TC gets on board.

Hornets fans should be proud of their crew as only 2 other teams have more than one player representing them abroad on either the roster or reserves. Detroit has Prince on the roster (who was actually selected instead of Chandler for the last spot) and Billups in the wings, while Utah actually has 2 players on the official roster: Boozer and D.Will.

At any rate, we at HH would like to extend our congratulations to Tyson... and our condolences to Bill Paxson.

And for those of you who want a little more of a preview for the "Redeem Team" check out my boy Sheridan. Expect more Olympic coverage to come as the summer continues.


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