Thursday, July 3, 2008

Sonic Doom

So it's official. The NBA will be leaving Seattle for the not-exactly-greener pastures of Oklahoma City. I have my own views on the relocation, based partially on some extremely harsh things that a handful of Oklahomans said about my city and state shortly after Katrina. Obviously, I know that those views (for instance, hoping that New Orleans was abandoned and never rebuilt) represent a very small and radical portion of the population. Over the years in college and elsewhere, I've met plenty of pleasant people from the state. And to them, I have to say I'm sorry. But I simply can't get behind the SuperSonic's decision to leave Seattle.

For the time being, I'm going to leave this one up to the pros. Plenty of writers have covered the impending move. So, here is a sampling...

Official AP article announcing the move

You can find JA Adande's take here.

Kevin Jackson, who grew up in the greater Seattle area and lived in Oklahoma as a child, has a particularly good write up.

Jim Caple of ESPN's Page 2 adds his thoughts.

Berry Trammel of The Oklahoman (recently voted the worst newspaper in America) also has something to say.

And a great entry from Henry Abbott of True Hoop.

Sorry Seattle. We were pulling for you.

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MikeC said...

Gee, Curry, if only there were some way for you to post references to material on other websites in such a way that I could simply click on them and be brought directly to the material in question, instead of copy-pasting each and every link into my browser. That would make life so much easier, and I would be so much more likely to read these articles and glean valuable insight.

...oh wait, there is? Curry just doesn't know how to use his own blog? Damn you, Curee!