Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Hornets! And Lots of Other Bugs

This story is from the middle of last month... but it's still noteworthy, because I made it happen. The advertising agency where I work does the marketing for the Audubon Nature Institute. When I found out they were planning a day-long extravaganza for their newest facility, I thought it would be a natural partnership with the Hornets. On June 13, they opened the Audubon Insectarium in downtown New Orleans. And the Hornets had a presence at the festivities.

I hadn't seen this news story until today, but I definitely wanted to post it. Due to the common "bug" theme, I thought it would be a good idea to pair the team and the museum. So I got in touch with the VP of marketing for the Hornets and asked our client if she'd be interested in having the team make an appearance. Both sides thought it was a great move, so I coordinated getting them in touch with each other. And the rest is history. Pretty cool to see something when I was behind the scenes.

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