Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Hornets Sign James Posey

And the wait is over! James Posey has agreed to a four-year deal with the Hornets. The contract will cost the team their entire mid-level exception (approximately $5.6 million per year). This move addresses two big issues for the Bees: 1) their need for some veteran leadership from a proven winner and 2) the lack of any bench scoring.

It will be fun to watch Posey pair up with Julian Wright as the team's bench swingmen. With Posey's sharp shooting and JuJu's athleticism, they should complement one another very well. Plus, neither guy is solely a shooter or a slasher. Posey can put it on the floor and draw a foul, and Julian can spot up on the perimeter.

Welcome to the Crescent City, James. We can't wait for you and your championship rings to arrive. I hope you're not happy with just two of 'em.

Now, if the team can just re-sign Pargo or offer Summer League sensation Bobby Brown a cheap contract, the rotation for 2008-09 is pretty much set.

Go Hornets!


Bryan T. Cole said...

"Veteran leadership from a proven winner"?

Dude, you just paid $23mil over 4 years to a walking good luck charm. And that's being optimistic.

Curry W. Smith said...

Stop trying to ruin my fun, Ice Cole! You're just jealous we stole him away from your Celts. Enjoy Bonzi Wells or whatever other player you pick up to replace Posey. Actually, Bonzi wouldn't be a bad signing for y'all...

Ignore everything I just said!

Bryan T. Cole said...

Hey, in four years, when he's being wheeled onto the court for the pregame introductions, enjoy the $6 mil he's getting.

I know you're excited about the three-year window the Hornets have, but man that window is gonna close hard and gonna close fast after those three years.

(PS: I will be the first to admit, they're not "my" Celtics as I, like the rest of the city, jumped on the bandwagon sometime around Christmas.)

hld3 said...

Yo, Ice.

I'm not wild about the signing, either. Especially after I watched the Clips lock up Azabuike for 9 mil over 3 years. But I'll address that in a later post. It's just too much money for not a lot of player. I mean, Josh Childress anyone?

I ache with resentment.