Friday, April 4, 2008

"The Big Easy"

I've railed on Mr. Adande in the past, but today he has regained a bit of my favor by posting an article commending both Chris Paul and Byron Scott's performances this year. This may not sound like much since many writers have jumped on board the Hornets' bandwagon, but it is a huge step for J.A. considering his article about relocating the team from earlier this season (seasoned readers will remember my response as well).

Additionally, as if he is trying to woo me, J.A. has also posted a new episode in his continuing web video series, J.A. Adande's Lounge, that glorifies what has become a New Orleans staple over the past five and a half months: the CP3 to Chandler alley-oop. Take a peak:

Awwww. J.A., you know just what to say to take my breathe away.

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