Wednesday, April 30, 2008

The Links, vol. 2

Hey guys, just thought I'd drop a few more links on you before we head into the Round 2 of the playoffs and I glue myself to forgetting that I have to feed and bath myself, let alone that I run a blog. For those of you that are concerned about Curry's strange absence after so recently learning that he was to be a contributor to this blog, you should know that he's come down with the Swahilian flu after eating a few rotten dates in his oatmeal the other day... I'm just kidding, Curry hates oatmeal. He got it from a monkey bite. Anyway, we wish him a speedy recovery. Perhaps I can convince him to post from his bedridden state. Enjoy.

1. Great post from ESPN the mag about how the Hornets are err... preparing?... for the next round against last year's champs. Am I worried? Nope, not one iota. I trust you Byron... but only because you have that silly trophy of a guy sitting on a bench.

2. Henry Abbott down at True Hoop is officially on the JuJu train. Check out this article simply titled JULIAN WRIGHT! Oh, and for those of you that are down on the nickname "JuJu", you ought to try the new one that's been floating around the sports anchors: Flight 32.

3. Great coverage from two different sources on the Jason Kidd foul from Game 4. The first entry is from our buddies down at Hornets 24/7, and the second entry is from Kelly Dwyer down at Ball Don't Lie. The latter pretty much sums up all of my emotions surrounding this travesty. I'd bitch to Mr. Stern that he didn't suspend Kidd, but I'm pretty sure it was a bigger punishment for the Mavs to keep him on the court in Game 5. Besides, has enough problems as it is. For instance, he has to worry about not being lit on fire by Suns fans (and perhaps even the 9 guys who go to Hawks games) for not suspending KG, Kendrick Perkins, and Marvin Williams. The NBA... where consistency in application of the rules happens... oh, unless your league stands to gain money from a potential Celtics/Lakers Finals. Right.

4. One more (mostly unrelated) link for you in honor of the Derby approaching (god, I love horse racing). ESPN the mag has a post where they interviewed professional athletes about what they'd nae a racing horse if they had one. Some of them are particularly inspired, though the piece does prove that Mark Madsen is an idiot, Ryan Church isn't very creative, and Samuel Dalembert spends way too much time thinking about this stuff. Of course, he did have time to kill during the two hours it took to carve that monstrosity of a haircut he trotted out the other night against the pistons. I'm all about the fro-hawks, but Sammy, baby, you need to get your life together. You can start by not taking Willie Green's advice/suggestions about anything... ever.

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