Wednesday, November 14, 2007

J.A. Freakin' Adande

J.A. Adande, how you have disappointed me. I sent my buddies a hell of a rant in response to Mr. Adande concerning his utterly ridiculous article about the what should be done to save face in Seattle. The short version: Move the New Orleans franchise to OKC. Check it out. Anyway, my buddy, Mike, claimed this was the type of "fodder that should get published on a blog. So, here's my response to J.A.

Really? Vagabond team? Have you lost your mind? How could you possibly insinuate that the Hornets have just as much of a tie to OKC as they do to the Crescent City? This is the beginning fourth season in New Orleans (as opposed to just under 2 in Oklahoma), and the only reason they left in the first place was because of an enormous natural disaster that devastated their hometown. We may not put up the attendance numbers that big market teams like LA produces, but give us a break, we're rebuilding for pete's sake. Besides, even if the Hornets had moved, the Sonics would still be in the same crappy situation they're in now with an awful stadium and faithless owners. These guys have been secretly sabotaging their team for a few years now, in an effort to get out of dodge, and you want a beloved team, displaced by a storm, to pay the price. J.A., I'm disappointed.

First off, Shinn didn't want to sell the Hornets. An offer was made, and Shinn said no, end of discussion. So far this year, the team has over 10 million in corporate sponsorship, 54 of its 57 suites sold for the season, and attendance that has started slow, but has gained considerably since the preseason. Trust me, this city is behind this'll just have to excuse them though, as basketball isn't everyone's number one priority right now. What's more, this city showed its love last year as the home game in New Orleans (one of six) against the Laker's brought in more money than any other game in the history of the franchise. That's the kind of love that says, "I miss you. Please come home."

Ok, so it's unfair to play the K-ville victim card. However, I will stand by this team no matter what. And I am not alone. I just can't believe you'd be so ruthless in your assertion. Should we be punished because this franchise couldn't get ball rolling straight away and then tragedy interrupted the normal flow of things? I'll be the first to admit, the turnouts for games this season have been fairly disappointing. But run out on this town? No way. The reason attendance in Oklahoma was so high is because the state had never seen a professional sports franchise of any kind. You'd be excited, too.

You're right, removing this team would not destroy our city. But you're wrong to think it wouldn't hurt. It's an unfortunate situation in Seattle, but my care-meter drops out significantly since their problem is man-made. Just wait until April when the 7th seed Hornets are ripping the playoff lives out of an unsuspecting 2-seed. That's what it took for the people in Oakland to care... and I don't recall anyone suggesting that the Warriors should move to OKC...

See you later tonight after we destroy the 76ers for the second time in a fortnight.

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