Sunday, November 18, 2007

Quick detour to the NFL

I know this blog is about the Hornets and the NBA and whatnot, but I feel the need to blow some steam over the other Crescent City team. What is going on with the Saints? Honestly, what the hell? On paper, we have an unbelievable lineup, but for some reason we can't covert that talent into points on the field. We have so many problems I don't even know where to jump in. Actually, yes I do.

Jason David. Our entire secondary is anemic, but I'm blaming him for most of our woes/losses thus far. Granted, it took the entire team a little while to find its feet this season, but during that span it didn't help that David might as well have been covering the weather. I've never seen such an incompetent corner back. (I will insert his stats here when I can find them. Things like thrown on, completed on, TDs on, etc. If you know where to look for this, shoot me a line.) How does Sean Payton justify starting him. Even during our wins, he does his darnedest not to cover the wide receivers. Are we paying him for this? I think Uncle Bowen might be better suited to play his position. At least he flails about and confuses the other team. That's better than misreading every play and then hanging your head on the sideline. I now understand every New Yorker's hatred for Jay [expletive] Feely.

Problem number two: interceptions. My biggest beef with Drew Brees' 14 interceptions is that it isn't representative of what's actually happening on the field. At least 5 or 6 of those have been a result of either Eric Johnson or Devery Henderson's uncanny ability to not only miss the ball, but then bat it up into the air giving everyone on the opposing team at least five seconds to react and subsequently intercept. How can we penalize Drew for these things? He makes excellent heads up plays that are then foiled doubly by inept receivers? Sean Payton needs to address this now. Eric and Devery, I know you guys aren't reading this blog, but please STOP IT. Kindly knock the ball down if you don't feel like catching it. Next issue.

Reggie Bush. I think the best descriptor here is "underwhelming". Maybe too much came too quick for this guy. Anyone touted as much as Reggie is bound to underperform, but this guy has failed to make any real impact in almost two seasons. OK, maybe he's lit it up for a few games, but the number is definitely short of 50%. Meanwhile Colston lights it up every weekend and no one bats an eye. I think we should take some of what Bill Parcels would call "anointing oil" away from Reggie, so that he can get mad at the lack of attention... and then actually earn it back. It's a win/win. Credit would go where credit is due and Reggie would be forced to run forward once in a while.

Finally, why is Drew Brees so nice. He has no mean streak. Historically, good quarterbacks know how to step it up and get angry when the team isn't performing to its potential. Peyton does it. Brady would do it if he had reason to right now. This is the reason Brees is not on their level (it's also Romo's problem). It's like he doesn't trust his arm anymore (no one would in this scenario considering problem number 2). He plays short ball and is forgiving of everyone. Drew, wake up. It's time to get angry. You play football, not croquet. If you need inspiration outside of football, watch Steve Nash, Chris Paul, Kobe Bryant, or LeBron James. Or maybe just read a stat sheet. Any of the above would be great.

The dumb part about all of this is that we still have a shot at the play-offs. Go NFC South! If we keep playing like this, we don't deserve to go to the postseason and I hope we won't. People need to get off of last year's high--which was glorious, but has been over since October 7-- and realize we have problems that need to be addressed if we want to be taken seriously as a perennial contender.

Ugh. Final score, Houston 23, New Orleans 10. Disgusting. If you need me, I will scouring the city for my youthful idealism.

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