Saturday, November 3, 2007

Portland: a good way to get warm

New Orleans 119 | Portland 93

Two games, two wins. Honestly, for a team returning home with quite a few new faces, I'm glad we got to start off against two mediocre (at best) teams. In fact, the 20 point winning margin was even larger before Byron Scott took out most of the starters and gave some time to JuJu . Unfortunately that means that good old Ryan Bowen got a handful minutes as well. We will now refer to Mr. Bowen as the Uncle. That's what he looks like. That's what he plays like. That's who he'll be: Uncle Bowen.

The team looked sharp. Peja and CP3 almost dropped 20 a piece, Tyson threw down a double-double, and three players off the bench were in double figures. It was good team basketball overall. No one player took over the game per se, but it was nice all the same to see them play well together. After all, Global Icon did teach us that it takes more than one to win a championship.

Despite a strong showing, I was surprised-- perhaps even disappointed-- at the sparse turnout from the New Orleans fan base. We almost lost this team to another city, and even though OKC may be getting the Sonics (I sure hope not), that still wouldn't be enough to prevent the Hornets from ever leaving. If anyone's listening out there, now would be a good time to show some support for your team. They're great, they win; come to a game,see for yourself... well, maybe skip the next one against San Antonio, but then again, who knows? We'll see how the road games go. See you next week.

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