Thursday, September 25, 2008

Lil Wayne blogs... about the Packers

Looks like Lil Wayne will be joining ESPN the mag as a blogger. Many of you would say "Great. One of our hometown (Gert Town, actually) brethren will be joining the world of ESPN as a voice for New Orleans sports". To you, I would reply, "False". For the correct answer, let's go to his first post:

Besides the Packers, my favorite teams are the Red Sox, the Lakers and the Boston Bruins.


I mean, I can forgive the whole hockey and baseball thing, but the Lakers? And the Packers?! This can only mean one thing: Lil Wayne is obviously joining the Ohio-based, elite organization, Bandwagonners R' Us, founded by none other than LeBron "Global Icon" James . As many of you know BronBron's favorite teams include the Yankees, the Cowboys, and the Bulls (hell, I bet he's a big USC fan, too). All of this is completely reasonable considering he grew up in Ohio, a state with no fewer than 6 professional teams.

Right. Whatever.

But come on, Lil Wayne. You've got to show some love for your own stomping grounds, for crying out loud. I might be able to let the Lakers thing slide since the Hornets are a fairly recent addition to the city (god-in-heaven help you if you're just "a big Kobe fan"). But what about the Saints?! Sure, they've sucked for... well, always actually... but come on! They've been here forever. They're an institution. An institution of sucking maybe, but an institution all the same.

This would actually hurt so much less if it were any other NFL team. Scratch that, the Cowboys would be worse. So there you have it. At least he's not a Cowboys fan.

It's just sad. That's all.


This story was also reported (somewhat more gently) by one of my favorite music sites, Pitchfork Media .

Also, for those of you who need the clarification, Page 2's Patrick Hruby breaks down the different types of bandwagon fans.

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