Friday, September 19, 2008

Basketball! Olympics! Bowling! What Can't He Do?

We're almost out of that painfully slow period between The Finals/Draft and the preseason. But we haven't made it quite yet. The Hornets' roster is pretty much set. The team has 14 guys signed to guaranteed contracts and is just about to start training camp. As I would hope you all know, The Chef has been keeping himself plenty busy over the summer with charitable events, appearances on behalf of Nike, and a stellar performance in the 2008 Olympic Games. One thing that you might not know is how CP spends his (extremely limited) down time.

Lucky for you, the Times Picayune and Sports Illustrated are here to tell us. It also seems that they're competing to come up with the cheesiest bowling pun to run in a headline. A strike is better than a spare, so I guess the T-P wins this round. Actually, I take that back. SI at least tried to make the pun work. Thank you, Steve Aschburner.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Chris Paul = Basketball + Bowling.
Barack Obama = Basketball.

Chris Paul >= Barack Obama?

Discuss. (Possible topic: which Obama-related phrase [audacity of hope, change we can believe in, yes we can] can best be hijacked by rabid Hornets fan(s)?)

(Alternately: Dave Welch = Bowling, so Chris Paul = Barack Obama + Dave Welch?? Discuss.)