Thursday, March 13, 2008

Hornets Fever

Chris Rose wrote a great article in the Times Pic about Hornets fever in the Crescent City. For those of you who need more cowbell, you should give it a read.


Also, somehow I missed this stat yesterday: the Hornets held the Spurs to 8 points in the fourth quarter. Yes, Popovich put in his scrubs for some of that time, but the starters were in for at least seven and a half of those minutes. It's not quite as cool as the Hawks holding Tim Duncan and company to 5 points in the first quarter earlier this season... wait, actually it is. Atlanta ended up losing. While we're covering things I missed, check out the Southwest Division Standings [as of 03.13.08]

HOU 44-20
SA 44-20
NO 43-20
DAL 42-23
MEM 5-872

Holy crap! I'm terrified/excited/antsy/ecstatic/hungry... what a feeling.

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