Friday, March 7, 2008

Highlights from the Atlanta Beatdown

For those of who were salivating over my recent post, but upset that you couldn't find a highlight real... the search is over. NBA TV's Top 10 from Wednesday featured Tyson's block at number 7 and JuJu's putback dunk at number 4. Oh, and Carl Landry's dunk on Ike Diogu is something like 8 kinds of sick. Talk about a statement. Enjoy.

Also, we have a very poor quality video of The New Orleans Globetrotters (poor is an understatement; these guys filmed their television). Turns out Jannero is pretty good at this stuff. Look for Ryan Bowen's reaction when he's invited to join the show.

Tune in this weekend for coverage of the Hornet's hosting the Nets. Power to people.

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