Wednesday, February 18, 2009


Sooo... 24 hours ago, we were all wondering what life post-Tyson would be like. About one hour ago, news broke that Tyson did not pass the physical for the Thunder and that -- due to that -- the trade was rescinded, keeping Ty with the Hornets and leaving Wilcox/Smith in OKC.

I'm a little worried about Tyson's injury (turf toe), which has to have been a major reason the Hornets made this trade in the first place. Seeing a team ship away a big man (capable of putting up a double-double on a nightly basis) for two expiring contracts leaves observers wondering what they don't know. Of course, the move was chalked up as being financially driven (a "salary dump"). But there were other ways for the Hornets to reduce their payroll.

With the trade of Tyson, there seemed to be more. Turns out, there was. The Hornets were trying to protect themselves from being stuck with a $12 million contract for a player who might not return to that nightly double-double form. I welcome Tyson back to the team, and I'm excited to have the Crescent City Connection live on. But I'm anxious that his history of foot injuries might hamper his future. If that's the case, it puts this team at a serious disadvantage.

Obviously, only time will tell if Tyson will be able to get back to the dominant inside force and solid finisher of the past two years. But I don't want to hold my breath for too long. He's been on the sideline for a full month. I can only hope that time has done something to help his injuries.

Either way, once again, welcome back, Tyson. On a personal note, it's great to have the core of CP-DWest-Ty together again. Let's just keep our fingers crossed that Tyson can still show us the type of play that made us believe in that core to begin with.

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