Saturday, January 10, 2009

Thoughts on All-Star Game Voting

The Times Picayune posted a video report with interviews from Byron Scott, Tyson Chandler, and David West. The paper asked them what they thought about Chris Paul being only the third vote getter for Western Conference guards, behind Kobe Bryant and Tracy McGrady (whom I won't even dignify with a link).

Listen up, NBA. You really need to change your system in the very near future. Turns out many of your fans *cough*CHINA*cough* don't know much about basketball.

Video: New Orleans Hornets react to All Star Voting


mW said...

I've always thought the dumbest thing about the voting system is the two guards, two forwards thing. Think about it, if we had PG and SG categories, it would be Kobe and CP, McGrady would not outvote Kobe, and the coaches would never pick him.

Similarly, you'd hate to have Boozer and D-West starting (for example), rather than D-West and Peja. The SF and PF have different roles.

While in certain circumstances, there are guys who can swing between positions, it doesn't mean that they aren't playing different positions at different times. I think fixing that would help.

hldomingue said...

Hey, I was about to leave a comment that said the exact same thing that mW said. But now I won't because he beat me to the punch.

Curry W. Smith said...

Yeah, I agree with you mW (and Lee, for that matter).

I honestly wouldn't mind reversing the current voting system to let coaches nominate starters and have fans vote in a few reserves. I'll admit that would get too complicated, because you'd have voting going on throughout the season, but the coaches wouldn't pick their nominees until a few weeks prior to the ASG. So they might select a few fan favorites or they might go in a completely different direction.

I should've thought this out before typing it. Oh well.