Wednesday, August 6, 2008

2008-09 Hornets Schedule

The NBA released its schedule for the 2008-09 season earlier today. Our beloved Hornets will be appearing on national television at least 13 times -- including a high-profile road game on Christmas Day against the Orlando Magic. The team's full schedule has more details. I wouldn't be surprised to see the national stations pick up a few more Hornets games throughout the course of the season. Plus, NBA TV hasn't finalized its lineup.

Over at, Marc Stein goes through his favorite matchups of the season. Can't wait to be back at the Arena on November 1. Bring it on, Bron.


Nbalder said...

12 times on national TV. Does this mean the end of Lee's small market no respect bitching? I kid.

Any chance that you all will want to make a trip up north for the Celtics game Dec. 12?

Curry W. Smith said...

I edited the post... apparently the team will have 13 spots on national TV. But you know nothing will stop Indignant Lee's rants about big markets.

And I definitely want to make a trip up to Boston soon. I was actually taking to Matt Smith about that yesterday. December 12 certainly has the added allure of catching the Hornets-Celtics game.